im at stupid dang fuckin orientation sitting here doing nothing I want to watch anime


I always suspected


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Ary!!! I left my Furby, Doo-Toh, in the car for too long, and now she won't wake up……… What can I do??? 😰😩😰😫


im calling child protective services rn



mike this looks like something you’d have in your room



my mom has been really crazy all day and then she decided she’d buy me 70 bucks worth of weed and gave me these 3 year old crumbs

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I would say “wtf is gender it’s arbitrary” but like, socially, gender is uh, it’s fuckin there. it matters in our society, because men are raised a certain way, women are raised a certain way, and not everyone has the chance or decency to learn about gender and sexism and all that shapow

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this is sorta off topic but i was wondering what you think of trans girls as a feminist

I think about this a lot. I also think a lot about how men who uhhh, fuck, how do I word this, like, sometimes I feel like, towards trans girls, “why do you think you can just call yourself a woman…have you lived through the same kind of oppression we have?” but I know there’s something wrong with that thought…trans women have their own kind of oppression, perhaps worse than what a typical woman experiences…people are so undereducated about transexuals…including myself…and I want to understand more but I’m not sure how to go about that.

the truth is, I have no idea what it feels like to be trans, I’ve never felt anything about wanting to be a boy or queer or whatever…

at the end of the day it’s really what experiences you’ve had…I hate to generalize, but what am I supposed to do if I am constantly appauled by the men I interact with? it’s like the touching the hot stove once thing you know…but I touched the stove like 10 thousand times and it fuckin hurt dude

tl;dr: if you are committing yourself to being a woman, personally, I think it’s fine to call yourself a feminist.

I misspoke in that other text post, I mean, if you’re a guy, I’d say you support feminism, but it’s ~ok~ to say you’re a feminist if you’re a guy, but personally I think it’s more PC to say you’re an ally or whatever…but anyone who identifies as a female and commits to that, sure?

I could be totally speaking out of my ass but this is just some thoughts I have on the subject.

I don’t want to be hateful per se…it gets me thinkin’ about princess mononoke…I don’t want it to overpower me…but why wouldn’t I feel an inkling of hatred toward people who are or contribute to my oppressors?

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don't you think you might come off as a little hateful or even sexist/racist

sexist towards men? maybe that would be healthy for men to experience sexism the way women do.

racist? towards who? white people? hahahahahaHAHAHA